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Clean Water Advocates

clean water advocates

The Chesapeake Accountability Project is a collaborative composed of public interest attorneys, policy analysts, environmental scientists, and communications professionals committed to protection of waterways in Maryland and Pennsylvania and the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay. The members of the Chesapeake Accountability Project aim to hold Maryland accountable to water pollution permitting that is rigorous, enforceable, and designed to ensure clean water standards. Our members also share a goal of ensuring Pennsylvania will take necessary regulatory action to protect its waterways pursuant to its state constitution and to achieve necessary reductions in pollution from the farms in order to restore the Bay. 

The Center for Progressive Reform, Chesapeake Legal Alliance, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Environmental Integrity Project, and National Wildlife Federation form the Chesapeake Accountability Project. We are members and leaders within the greater Chesapeake Bay advocacy community and, across sectors of government and civil society, the movement to restore the Chesapeake Bay. Through this project, we are working to eliminate individual instances of noncompliance with permits and make general and individual pollution permits more protective of water quality, more responsive to our changing climate, and more enforceable.